Regardless of what is your opinion, in reality, more people win at online casinos on a regular basis than it is generally believed. Of course, not every day somebody gets a jackpot. However, numerous feedbacks and review, both at casino websites, reviews, and also feedbacks considering different payment methods prove that people win pretty often. Check out some real stories on wins of real users who like to spend their free time gambling online.

Mark: I like gambling and I used to spend a lot of time in land-based casinos because I love the posh atmosphere, music, and stuff. However, recently I found out that gambling online is way more convenient and easy. I can now save time and money not traveling anywhere, I can just sit at home and entertain myself with my favorite games. What is interesting, I started winning more than I used to when I visited land-based gambling houses. I think this is because the atmosphere always distracted me from the game. Being at home, I can concentrate, and therefore win more often.

John: I really love adrenaline, and gambling gives me lots of adrenaline without any risk to my health, compared to, say, rope jumping. In addition, I can play favorite games anytime I want, without having to leave my house or office, or even when I am commuting. Also, I have to confess that I manage to win pretty often, so in addition to adrenaline and rush of playing, I also get some money which I spent in the casino. So it is almost free of charge for me.

Hugh: I am a fan of poker, and I often played with my friends or somewhere at clubs earlier. However, today people find it more difficult to go out of their houses where they have Netflix and pizza, and no one wants to go to the club, play there till late night, and then go back home in a taxi. Even fewer people are ready to bet real money, but what kind of poker is that without cash bets? So, I started gambling online with live dealers and other players. Now, I have no problem finding a company for poker, and all people who participate are willing to play and lose their money, which I often happen to win.

Marybeth: I am incredibly lucky with gambling online! I win small sums, but on a regular basis! In fact, if I was playing in the same land-based casino, perhaps they would have already banned me from playing there. However, I always gamble online and play on several favorite gambling platforms. I also like using different strategies with different games, and they often work. I have to confess that the money I cash out is enough for buying myself some small presents. So gambling definitely brings me a lot of fun and also practical benefits.

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